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Rohit Subhash Walunjkar

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Interior Designer for Hotels

Interior Designer for Hotels

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Insense Interiors, a distinguish firm in Pune of Interior Designer for Hotels. From floorings to ceilings, lightings, colour schemes, project layouts to furnishings and accessories, we design the hotel interiors very alluringly and elegantly according to our client’s needs and requirements. We design the hotel interiors to portray and meet international standards, create a very glamorous and enthralling ambience that mesmerizes and amuses the guests and make them feel very pleasant and comfortable. Whether it’s a standard hotel or a high class luxury hotel brand, our interior designers at interiors designing company are very much creative and experienced in decorating the interiors of the hotels. Designing the interiors of a hotel must be done in a planned out manner as the interiors of a hotel is very significant and affects the mood of the guest. We are very much aware and know exactly how to enhance the mood of your guests by enhancing the ambience of your hotel interiors in a very alluring and delighting way.

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